A principal product of Cheongyang, maecmundong!Thank you for visiting Kkotmoe village, the home of meacmundong.  
Korean Kkotmoe Farming Association Corp
  CEO Message  
Our village has established agricultural cooperative
as green experience rural village (Kkotmoe Village).
We produce maecmundong teabag tea this time
as the first product, which is processed using
maecmundong, a healthy local specialty.



■ History
History of Kkotmoe Agricultural Cooperative.
Jul, 2006 Establishment of Kkotmoe Agricultural Cooperative.
Apr, 2004 1st Maecmundong Festival.
Nov, 2008 Research meeting for Maecmundong (Darwin Food Research Institute).
Jan, 2010 Registration of a trademark.
May, 2011 Designation as Village Company.
■ Product
Maecmundong Tea is safely processed with maecmundong which keeps natural aromatic flavor because it is grown with clear water and in clean nature and it is so easy to enjoy anytime and anywhere because it is packed in teabag.
■ Technology
Kkotmoe Agricultural Cooperative is located in Cheongyang, a place with Chilgap Mountain. We are the specialized process and distribution company equipped with high-end facility for agricultural products grown in clear water and clean environment of Chilgap Mountain is traditionally famous mountain with auspicious energy.