A principal product of Cheongyang, maecmundong!Thank you for visiting Kkotmoe village, the home of meacmundong.  
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Maecmundong Tea, which is made with natural aromatic and pure maecmundong grown in clean Chilgap Mountain in Cheongyang.

● Product : Kkotmoe Maecmundong Tea
● Food type : Leaching tea
● Original materials and contents : maecmundong 70% (domestic), brown rice 20% (domestic), balloon flower 10% (domestic)
● Capacity : 45g (1.5g × 30 teabag)
● Filter paper packing materials : Pulp
● Inner packing materials : Polypropylene resin
● Manufacturers and dealer : Kkotmoe Agricultural Cooperativ
(524-2 Hwasanri Jangpyeongmyeon Cheongyang-gun Chungnam)
● Customer services : 041)943-8002

Sinnongbon Chokyung, a Chinese medicinal herb book says that if you take maecmundong a long time, you can make your body lighter and live long and do not feel hunger. Maecmundong was considered as Taoist hermit’s food and medicine. Also, it is said that maecmungdong is good on health, good complexion, stamina and lung function in Myungui Byulrok. In <ChungYak TaeSajeon>, it was said that “maecmundong can remedy cough, hematemesis, hemoptysia, pyewi (symptom with cough and pant due to damaged lung by heat), lung abscess, fever, diabetes, dry eye syndrome, constipation”.
Characteristics of Kkotmoe Maecmundong Tea
Natural aromatic flavor grown in Chilgap Mountain in Cheongyang.
Maecmundong Tea is safely processed with maecmundong which keeps natural aromatic flavor because it is grown with clear water and in clean nature and it is so easy to enjoy anytime and anywhere because it is packed in teabag.
You can choose various teas according to your preference by mixing a fresh gugija and aromatic barley as well as maecmundong.

Uses and notes
- Please drink after brewing it in hot water about 80~90℃.
- You can enjoy the tea weak.
- It is easy to enjoy anytime and anywhere because it is packed in teabag.
- Even if there are any precipitates, you can drink because they are powdered maecmundong (barley, gugija).

Please avoid directly to the sun and store in dried and cool place to keep the unique tea flavor.